Effective May 1, 2015 the Comfortex Brand can no longer be sold online. However, we located an independent fabricator who was willing to create a private label program for us using the same quality fabrics and components. As a result, we'll continue selling brand-name quality without the brand-name price.

Our private label program is called "The Preeminence Collection" and it is available on our new site CellularShades'R'Us.com.

To Previous Customers: If you need warranty repair/service you can contact me at service@energysmartshades.com, service@cellularshadesrus.com or SLBushway@aol.com. All warranties are still in effect and so if you require assistance don't hesitate to contact me. In addition, if you wish to order a new shade or replace an existing shade using the same color from a previous order we can accommodate you because we're still able to offer you the Comfortex Brand just not online.